Krito and the Stoker

Who we are

We are Krito and Stoker. A mathematician/developer and a art historian/grafics designer. We are all that you need to develop fantastic video games. We admire smart strategy games. Our video games have valuable content and systematic and encourage to dive in.

We lead the player into exciting historic worlds. We are not interested in labarous click work motivated by the next achivement but in a playful interaction with historic systems. The main ambition is to combine complexity with an intuitive approach to a atmospheric world.

Das Team


Coder & musician

This is Krito. He programs the board computer and takes care that our project don't hit any rocks. He has studied mathematics and is a seasoned programmer. Thanks to his foresight we port around every obstacle.

And when he is not busy programming, he just goes into his sound studio and records music and sounds, so that our game worlds also sound fantastic.


Graphics design & art historian

This is the stoker. He works hard to heat the chip with 2D and 3D graphics. With plenty of love for detail he creates new worlds. Without him our games would be boring tables. He knows the grafics engine pretty well and paints even in the old machines beautiful images.

As a studied art historian and historian* he has a special view for historic presentation and interrelation.

Die Projekte

Achtung Kurve

Achtung Kurve

This remake of the old classic Zatacka is a small side project with the intent to create an online version of the game, that carries the minimalistic charme of the original.

Multple player try to surround and cross of each other.



We care strongly about this game and at the same time it is somewhat ambitioned. We started it in early 2018 with the goal to create a remake of the legendary Colonization of 1994.

We are fascinated by the scenario of colonizing America. The central themes of development and exploitation of the "New World", building a new society out of migration an the conflicts between European settlers and native Americans seems very exciting and up-to-date.

A current development build can be found at


We are always curious towards anybody who visits our page and are happy to meet new people!



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